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    • Yone's Swords (LoL)

      I made a mod that adds the two Katanas Yone from League of Legends uses.
      Both the Steel and the Azakana Katana were modeled by me. I am new to 3D-modelling so I appreciate any feedback.
      If you imbue the Steel sword with magic (e. g. Fire) you can actually see the same demon marks on the Blade as on the Azakana. I added that as a little reference to the lore where Yone fights with his demon. I tried to display the still existing demon within even his good side.

      Happy slashing!...

    • Geralt's darkend eye-area

      The name gives you what it is: 2 Versions of alternate design for his eye-area

      • 2 versions to alter Geralt's look for his eye-area
      • softer version with only "smokey-eye" and some sort of eyeliner (modGeraltEyeliner)
      • badass-version with "smokey-eye", "eyeliner" and "eyeshadow" (modGeraltEyeshadow)
      • works with all versions of shaved/bearded/tatooed-style
      • great addition to his poisoning-stains
      • get a more fierce appearance for him

      ::  KNOWN ISSUES Template::
      • none (so far)

    • Half-Life - Alyx FakeVR Mod V2 Release

      V2 of my mod has been released! The second version is for people who use the steam version of the game.
      If you're using the pirated version of the game, you won't be able to use V2 of the mod.

      Toggle HUD by pressing "O"
      Press "C" to enable Half-Life 2 Styled Flashlight
      FakeWalk mod enabled for everyone. Press "MOUSE5" to move around using the keyboard!
      Only (1) HL2 styled Subtitles/Captions get shown and not the floating ones.

      Update video showcase:


    • Used WINZIP app

      I used the "WinZip" App to compress my bethesda plug in file so if there's any issues (i'm not really well versed in compression and which compression apps are actually good) you can let me know or go to Bethesda's website to download the file there. Sorry in advance if you do have any issues, as i said before this is the first ever player home mod i've made!...

    • Version 1.1 - STYGIAN ZINOGRE ADDED

      Version 1.1 has been released. Download the update for your preferred style and follow the same installation procedure.


      - Added support for Stygian Zinogre
      - Small adjustement to textures for Zinogre, adding slightly more detail.
      - Small adjustment to the emission maps.


      That's all. Probably won't touch this anymore unless there's a massive bug. Visual mods like these have very little chance of getting broken by game updates.

      Let me remind you that if you enjoyed this or my other mods, consider donating as it'd help me quite a lot! Just follow THIS LINK or find the Donate button in my Nexus Mods profile....

    • Rats Revenge

      Do you remember those beginning tasks to clean out the rats? Ah, the early adventures of the legendary hero back when he earned his living as a mouse trap. This time, it might be a little harder.

      You hear a rumour of a house infested by monster rats. Since the house is outside Chorrol's city walls, the City Watch aren't bothering with it. With so much trouble following the Emperor's assassination, the Imperial Legion certainly can't be bothered with rats. Nobody seems to have noticed that the owners of the house are missing nor that the few adventurers who have checked into the rumour have not returned to talk about it.

      Perhaps the problem runs deeper than rats in a house. ...

    • Golden Featherless Tsukuyomi Odachi

      Wasn't a fan of the feathers/wrappings on the Tsukuyomi Odachi, so I made some modifications. Also made some color mods, but you can remove those by disabling the ColorSet for the weapon....

    • Bubble Butt Nord 3bbb preset

      This 7zip contains the bodyslide .xml, tri and nif files. thanks. Tell me what you think?...

    • Version 1.1


      It's been a while and I haven't done crap. Sorry for the delay everyone but I need to unpack the new files and recreate the whole entire mod with the new files. This mod is simple but it's pretty big so it's probably going to take about a week to get it all done. I am just posting this in case anyone was wondering why 1.1 hasn't dropped yet. Have no fear, I will get it done.

      I will be adjusting the new WW2 guns as well....

    • The Vanilla Plus Mod Collection - Four Different Flavours of Far Cry 2

      The Vanilla Plus Mod Collection
      Four Different Flavours of Far Cry 2

      I have created four different mods for Far Cry 2 so that whatever your preference or playstyle there is something here for you. My aim is that whether you've never played Far Cry 2 or you’ve played it a hundred times there is a new experience to be had. Each mod has different options to choose from and in total there are 24 ways to play.

      The base game has been tweaked and improved upon in addition to whole new features that have been added.

      These are the best of the brand new features, available in every mod within the collection

      Enemy infighting - The world is now alive as the civil war rages around you and you are caught between both sides....

    • Creating Custom Events for Invite Menu

      You can now adapt existing events, or create all new ones, to invite any NPC on an excursion.

      As an example, I have created a custom event for invite menu here. You can use it as a template.

      The basic structure of content.json is:

       invites: [
      name: "Balloon Ride",
      location: "Railroad",
       allowMarried: false,
      date: true,
      nodes: ,
      forks: [
       key: "BalloonRideEventInvite_afraid",
       nodes: ,

    • Install

      XML file with a copy of original from my game i would recommend you make a backup of your own settlements.xml file.

      D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\SandBox\ModuleData...

    • Monster Hunter Frontier Music Modpack

      Ancient Forest - MHFZ Painted Falls
      Wildspire Waste - MHFG White Lake (G-Rank)
      Coral Highlands - MHFG Highlands (G-Rank)
      Rotten Vale - MHFG Swamp (G-Rank)
      Elder's Recess - MHFZZ Historical Site
      Hoarfrost Reach - MHFG Polar Sea
      Guiding Lands - MHFG Gorge (G-Rank)
      Arena - MHFZ GR200...


      I didn't know how annoying upload the mod on Nexus...
      Look at the pics and download, if you want this.
      I made it for my gf, and I didn't play Stardewvalley that much.
      If has problems, leave a comments. thank you....

    • Event guide

      Guide for Events: (Listed in order)
      This mod features lots of new events. Most are tied to Lunna, her story, and the new town Umuwi.
      Some events present questions that impact your friendship with Lunna.
      These events are required for passage to Umuwi.
      Events require prior events in order to trigger. This applies to all events except the ALTERNATIVE NON-ROMANCE STORY ARCH.

      Heart Event #1: Lunna is Embarrassed
      Requirements: Lunna at 2 Hearts
      Where: Forest
      When: 8AM - 1PM, Sunny, Must be Tue, Wed, or Thu

      Heart Event #2: Lunna misses Home
      Requirements: Lunna at 3 Hearts
      Where: Forest
      When: 12PM - 4PM, Rainy, Not Friday

      Heart Event #3: Lunna fixes her Shack

    • Evangelion Menus Mod

      Changes original Halo Themes to Evangelion animated ones...

    • Triss Merigold - The Witcher Voiced Standalone Follower- SSE - TURKISH TRANSLATION (NEW AND UPDATED)

      Triss Merigold - The Witcher Voiced Standalone Follower CBBE 3BBB - (SSE Port) Modu için Türkçe çeviri

      Bu modun kendisi değildir sadece Türkçe çeviridir.
      Kullanabilmek için şu linkten modu indirip kurun.

      This is not the main mod. Just Turkish Translation....

    • What can be done for 1.5 version

      So far i tried some ways with fractions and nothing seems to work better 
      maybe if i go all in for preferences i could make game read water avoidance with highter numbers  
      huge problem is how much testing must be done for each trial and how many combinations fails (works worse than 1.4)  
      i found out shidan tried himself in 2k18 with road preference modding and well according to that off-screen mod works best with 0.2 settings  
      for me in current versions there is no gain in this setup off-screen, but maybe it could allow me increase water avoidance  

      what can i really do for sure?
      - Custom races patch (will download each slowly and release optional file to match setup with vanilla)
      - Wildlife patch as optional file or integrated (o...

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